1. Layout and match best size Lejoi nail to each finger. *Natural nails should be longer than adhesive tabs to allow enough space for the tabs to grab onto

2. Push back cuticles

3. Wipe off natural nails with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Let dry completely and do not touch

TIP: Remember size numbers (underneath each nail) for faster process next time


1. Select an adhesive tab that covers the whole natural nail. Remove adhesive tab from sheet, apply to natural nail, then peel off film.

2. Align your matching Lejoi nail with cuticle and press down firmly (nail number at the tip)

3. TIP: Nail file/buffer to customise shape and size. Avoid water contact for 2 hours.


Carefully peel off and use fresh adhesive tabs for next uses.


TIP: Our adhesive tabs work best when there is enough nail bed for it to grab onto. Check out the below for best results xx



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