The brainchild of architectural graduate Linh Tran, Lejoi reusable press on nails are designed to change the way women perceive manicure, giving them multiple options from functional to glamorous.

Traditional manicure methods don’t accommodate new-age lifestyle demands of switching between work, exercise, or social events. A highly skilled nail technician is hard to find and often costly. Lejoi offers on-trend nail styles that are affordable and flexible, giving an edge to every look women create. These fake nails also provide alternatives when acrylics, SNS, or glued on tips are not allowed, appropriate, or functional.

“When I had my first ever salon manicure, I felt like a new person; confident in everything I did. Getting that feeling to last can be tough though. I couldn’t find a manicure method that I was satisfied with. Colourful and long nails are great for events and the weekends, but neither easy to type with nor appropriate for the 9-5. I wanted to create an option where I could mix and match my nails to what I was doing, what I was wearing, and even how I was feeling. I wanted to create something that was fun and easy to change,”
— LINH TRAN - Director of Lejoi

Each nail colour, shape, and size has been meticulously created for an instant flawless manicure look. Specifically formulated adhesive tabs secure the Lejoi nails without damaging the natural nails. Easily removed or reapplied, they leave no residue and allow the fake nails to be reused many times. Reusability makes a perfect manicure much more affordable and flexible. Each kit includes 24-30 nails (12 different sizes), a nail file/buffer, and 3 sets of adhesive tabs. 

Lejoi false nails allow women to express their different sides and always show their best self no matter where they are—in the office, on a date, or even at the gym.