What is reusable manicure?

Press-on nails that give the perfect shape, length and finish. They can be applied in minutes.

Each kit can be reused 3 times.

When to use them?

From a few hours of going out to the whole weekend, they are perfect for short term uses and can be taken off easily and re-use several times.

What’s included in each kit?

Each kit includes 24 nails (12 different sizes), nail file/buffer and 3 sets of adhesive tabs.

How long will they last?

Depending on how you prep, apply and your activities; the short styles last 4-7 days with typical daily activities. The long styles are ideal for events and special occasions, they last about 1-3 days.

Will they fit me?

Lejoi nails have all the size that you will need. Lejoi nails can be easily cut and filed to your personal preference (if needed).

How to apply?


Trim your nails short so they are even and fit underneath Lejoi nails. *If your nail bed is too short, grow them out slightly so the adhesive tabs have some grip to hold on to.

Use a cuticle pusher to push back you cuticle, they will frame your Lejoi nails and give a natural look.

Wipe your natural nails with nail polish remover to remove natural oil.

Layout and match best size Lejoi nail to each finger. Always apply to clean, natural nails. TIP: Remember size numbers (underneath each nail) for faster process next time.


  1. Remove adhesive tab from sheet, apply to natural nail, then peel off film

  2. Align your matching Lejoi nail with cuticle and press down firmly (nail number at the tip)

  3. TIP: Nail file/buffer to customise shape and size

Removal and reuse:

Carefully peel off Lejoi nails and use fresh adhesive tabs for next uses.

TIP: Soak in warm water to help loosen adhesive tabs, if necessary.

Will these affect my natural nails?

Our special formulated adhesive tabs are design to be tough at holding but gentle on your natural nails. They can be easily peeled off your natural nails as well as Lejoi nails, leaving no residue behind.